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Have a new custom design closet or storage space in one week. Its as easy as picking from the EasyCloset website, contacting MD Custom Closets for a painless install.

Or contact us and have one of are designer come out and design a personal storage space just for you. Take the worries out of the measuring and fit. Are designer will listen to you and come up with the best design at a budget you can live with.

Use EasyCloset Designer Tool and design the prefix closet space.



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Maryland Custom Closets is the industry’s one-stop resource for lifestyle home closets and organization. We deliver the best in product, design, quality, value and customer service. Our customers range from both small and large homeowners to businesses and hotels. Maryland Custom Closets works with all to develop exclusive and innovative designs. Over the last fifteen years, Maryland Custom Closets has grown from a small family-based company to one with multiple sites. Today, we deliver custom closets, organizational storage, murphy beds, wall units, entertainment centers and wine rooms. We offer designs for any style and price points for every budget.

Maryland Custom Closets has a high passion for creating high quality furniture. Maryland Custom Closets is unique, different and innovative. We work every day to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Give us a call today to put our team to work for you.

Steps to Getting Work Done: The Process Overview

With every Closet custom designed space, you’ll receive a high quality, functional unit of fine furniture, built for your home. From the initial consultation, straight through to the completion of the installation, we’ll work directly with you, confirming that you receive exactly what you want.

  1. Consultation
    At the initial consultation, one of our experienced designers will come to your home and study the proposed space. The designer will discuss with you how you will use the space to determine specific wants, needs and desires. Measurements will be taken at this time.

  2. Design
    Once the initial consultation is completed, the design will be done and drawings will be produced – usually within one week. These drawings will include 3-D, plan and elevation views to demonstrate the complete look. Once again, the designer will meet with you, and the plans will be finalized. The majority of the time, no changes are needed, but if you desire a modification, we would make sure that the plans are adapted accordingly. At this time, clients will choose the finishes, colors, handles, pulls, accessories, and other details.

  3. Construction
    Construction will begin promptly, based on your schedule. Your space will take shape based on your approved plan. Generally, installation will take place within two to three weeks from the date you accept our proposal. Typically, a walk-in closet takes one day to install. Several reach-in closets can be installed in one day. When the construction is completed, you will have the space you have always imagined.

  4. Clean Up
    Rest assured that before, during, and after construction, your house will remain in peak condition. We leave every job site clean and tidy, and we do not enter other rooms in the house. To prove our dedication to quality, materials have a lifetime warranty and your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed for one year. If you are not happy with the final product for any reason or the design does not work for you, we will fix it.


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