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Thanks to you… our customers, we've been able to grow our successful business while introducing many leading innovations to the home storage industry. In fact, we were the first to offer custom closet organizers online back in 1999. It's been a fun experience that has been made possible by your trust. It has been our mission over the years to honor that trust. We know that our customers not only trust us to ship high quality products, but you also trust us to ship products that can be easily installed and that will enhance your life for years to come.

We’re committed to ensuring that you can trust us on both points. And that has been the key to growing our business over the years. Count on us to make sure the products you want are available when you want them. Unlike most Internet retailers, EasyClosets maintains a complete inventory in-house. In fact, our distribution center ensures that 99% of the products you see online are in stock when your order them, and ship the following business day. You can count on your order to be manufactured to the specifications you input into our site. And you can count on receiving top-notch assistance from our designers when ordering, or installing your products.

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