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The Maryland Custom Closet , a locally owned and operated business, has been serving Baltimore for years. Whether you are looking for closet organization, office workspace, or shelving in your home’s storage area, we build to your needs. The Maryland Custom Closet offers quality services at a competitive price. Call to set up your free in-home design consultation and estimate today! We gladly work with all Residential Customers, Decorators, Real Estate agents, Contractors and Builders.

Let one of are designer come out and design a personal storage space just for you. Take the worries out of the measuring and fit. Are designer will listen to you and come up with the best design at a budget you can live with.

There's no need to make multiple calls and set up different appointments for your home maintenance and repair projects. Call Maryland Custom Closets - EasyClosets,LLC make one convenient appointment, and we will take care of everything on your "To Do" list.

  • Custom closets for your bedroom can be anything from walk-in and reach-in closets to traditional wardrobes. Maryland Closets can help you turn a cluttered bedroom into a restful sanctuary.

  • With the right garage storage solutions, your garage can become an extension of your home and the perfect place your favorite activities. Maryland Closets can help you turn your garage storage area into a functional and stylish space for hobbies, crafts, a workshop, or even a home office.

  • Maryland Closets storage solutions can enhance your home, and your life, by transforming unused areas and helping you maximize storage. Our storage solutions will help bring purpose to every space in your home.

  • Our Closet Design Consultants are experts at crafting solutions for your kid’s room and their changing needs. At every age and every stage, children need storage solutions designed to grow with them. With space for clothing, toys, books and even places to study, Maryland Closets offers kid's room storage that will work today and tomorrow.

Custom wardrobes, by Maryland Custom Closet provide home and agency storage solutions that will conceive more working space in your life, no issue where you reside or work. Our made-to-order wardrobes are conceived to integrate more open, helpful space in order that storage and association are no longer problems. With made-to-order dwelling storage answers from Exclusive Closet Designs you can instantly boost your living storage space. You can have the alignment you require, the space you need and the attractiveness of superb components and professional craftsmanship.

Our made-to-order wardrobes and storage answers will get you coordinated by finding more space in your dwelling or agency then sensibly producing it fit the things you have. Live, work and prosper in an air of alignment and elegance. You will find out that our dwelling storage answers and agency storage answers will create more alignment, space and less tension in your life.

Maryland Custom Closet has taught and skilled made-to-order, wardrobe construction professionals, who will work with you to conceive new made-to-order wardrobes that will maximize your space and agree your one-by-one style.

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